Comfort Lodge

Care and Support provision

Comfort lodge

Here at Comfort Lodge, we provide services to our clients who need help with various daily living / life skills, assistance with accessing welfare benefits, and liaising with various agencies and organisations. Our services include the following :

  • To support service users by maintaining and promoting a stable mental health.
  • Ensuring and encourage compliance with medication and other treatment plans as indicated in their care /support plan.
  • Assistance with shopping, cooking and laundry.
  • Assistance with budgeting and welfare benefits claims.
  • Assistance with the completion of forms
  • Assistance in attending all health and social care appointments.
  • Assistance in networking with other agencies (acting as advocates where necessary).
  • Assistance with recreational activities including attendance at colleges and day centres.
  • Access to education, training and employment opportunities
  • To liaise with residents' care team and care co-ordinators.
  • To work collaboratively with residents, relatives, carers and care coordinators.
  • To assist the care team in the implementation of risk management plan(s).
  • To encourage residents to be self-sufficient in attending to their personal care.
  • To encourage/promote healthy living.
  • Assist residents to register with GP, Dentist and optician
  • To ensure that residents undertake regular physical and health check ups.
  • To promote social inclusion by arranging social events, trips to the cinema and other local events.

Who we can support / Our client group

Comfort Lodge generally caters for adults who are referred through the mental health teams in collaboration with the respective local authorities.

  • Our client group are adults with severe and enduring mental illness, between 18-65 years old
  • These include adults with complex needs, who require a 24 hour supported living accommodation.
  • As well as adults under the Care Programme Approach (CPA), with a named care co-ordinator and opened to a community mental health team/service
  • and adults with risk history that can be managed in a supported living environment.

    Forensic placements

    Comfort Lodge has experience of working with clients with a forensic history. We have a sound grasp and understanding of the complex issues and legalities involved in the placement of Section 37/41 clients within the community. We perform the necessary risk assessments and make sure that we work in a way that promotes independence, with continuous monitoring and management of all risk issues. We work with the relevant organisations, such as the probation and forensic outreach services, to ensure the best possible care outcomes for our forensic clients.

    Comfort Lodge Care Path

    Here at Comfort Lodge , our goal is always to provide a first class service to our residents - where they are able to realise and maximize their potentials, acquire essential daily living skills, and help them to make the progression to independent living in their own home. We provide the range of services from a full 24-hours supported living, through the provision of a "step down" support accommodation for clients who have made some progress, prior to moving on to full independent living

    Mission statement
    Our aim is to assist our residents in the development of new meaning and purpose in their lives. To give our residents the required aid and support in their development of independent living skills. Read more..

    Our Homes
    Our Homes are located within the London Boroughs of Waltham Forest and Newham. We have many years of experience supporting and enabling clients with complex needs, covering the entire Mental Health spectrum. Learn more about our homes